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Encore and contender barrels BODY ARMOR,PONCHOS,,,MILITARY MUSEUM, 60% AREA, BIG 20MM AMMO CANS$ 39.95, TALL 50 CAL CANS $19.95, WOOL BLANKETS, MORE ITEMS WILL BE ADDED SALE FOR ITEMS IN. STOCK ONLY, jungle, Mickey Mouse, German, American combat boots,. Zip up tactical, mud and duck boots,..MOST FLAGS IN STOCK WE HAVE MORE THAN WE CAN SHOW PICS OF. Camping cots, Lots of tents, bags, cots camping gear, WERE ALL STOCKED. Come and get it . D+L ARMY SURPLUS Open 9-5 Monday thru sat. 509-six six 7- army, 204, 22-250, call for info, 801 Benton way . Fat 50s, Wenatchee wa. 98801, 357, 25-06, plate carriers,38, helmets, shields, 556, respirators and gas masks, 762x54 brass, toys, GREEN TIP IN STOCK, wool pants ,blankets and shirts,30-06, survival food, k-bar knives, hatchets, 223, axes, throwing knives, 40sw, stars,hatchets, sog knives. bayonets, 9mm, 556, waivIAN gas cans, mres, para cord, POWDER, 762x38, 44, medical gear, 45X70, wool clothing and blankets, 308,( great museum fun for the whole family,) 10mm, boots, carbine,45 acp, 762x39 brass, Ammo cans, 9mm, dry boxes, 300 short mag, RIFLE PRIMERS, concealed carry vests, vintage military clothing, caps, 30-40 Craig, mummy bags, 762x54, look at pics to much to list, flags,30-30, watch caps winter gear, 762x25, survival gear, creedmore, patches pins, stickers, batons, handcuffs, 10mm, bayonets, World War Two Ammo cans, dry boxes and Ammo cans, large primmers, parkas, 06, survival, gear, medical gear .7mm, LOOK AT PICS COME ON DOWN, 300 mag, tactical stocks 45lc, 22mag, 17h, surplus, holsters,hatches, tents sleeping bags (military museum ) military surplus,270wsm . MORE KNIVES THAN WE CAN SHOW. Large 20mm cans, 270, German insulated ranger boots, rifle cases, fun for the whole family, M1 GARAND RIFLE STOCKS,primers, primers , loading supplies,.tents, Great museum for the whole family, bivey covers,45lc, ponchos, 32 auto, 25acp, bee bee gums, 762x25, vintage military knives, 762X38 NAGANT, wool blankets in stock.357 max, 22 jet, 38-55, Medical gear. Meat bags, bivey covers, tents, sleeping bags, helmets, Wool blankets, socks, shirts, pants, watch caps, gloves. Jump boots. MILITARY MUSEUM, 30 and 50 cal cans $14.95,, new boots on sale 120mm military motor cans $16.95,ammo box, 32hr, wool blankets, Ammo boxes, 250,300, savage, 303 British, 348 Winchester, 6.5, 7.7 jap, 30-30, 410, 30-40 Kraig, D-DAY

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